Banking & Finance

Mehta Chambers has recently ventured into work relating to Banking and Finance considering the needs of the industry and for meeting the objectives of its clients. With globalization, consolidation and diversification of the financial industry, the banking and finance sector in India has become increasingly complex. As this sector has witnessed rapid and wide ranging reforms, we have ensured that to stay ahead of the curve, understanding legal and regulatory issues and offering pragmatic and timely solutions to our clients, both domestic and international.

The firm have been advising a multiplicity of clients; banks and financial institutions, financial institutions, export credit agencies, non- banking financial companies, concessionaires, portfolio investors (investing under the corporate debt route), mutual funds, private equity funds, alternative investment funds, and government bodies.

Our full suite of services and practice has a wide range of financing transactions such as:

  • Project finance, trade and export finance, Acquisition Finance
  • Corporate Debt, including syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, revolving credits, guarantee facilities and other forms of security
  • Structured Finance and Syndicated lending
  • Acquisition and Leveraged finance, Dept capital markets, Regulatory advise
  • Real estate Finance, Debt restructuring and Re-financing
  • Project Finance and Public Private Partnerships across all Infrastructure and Energy sectors; (v) Securitization;
  • Asset Finance
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